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Reviews for "Boondog"

the controls were too stiff

otherwise good game.


Words can not express how happy I am to see early PoP-esque and Flashback-esque games still being made. It only makes me wish that you'd follow it up with a similar game, because it leaves me wanting more.

8-bit parkour

really fun and sometimes challenging but mostly just god, easy retro fun, best puzzle platformer ever.

I sense a bit of Oldies

I actually like the game. And it seems relatively simple, so pretty much anyone can play it. Of course I'm only on level 13 :/

Also, the movement feels a lot like the retro Prince of Persia. Has anyone else noticed that? That's something I really liked about this game.

Graphics were decent

It would probably be too cliched to say that I did not enjoy this game because I was not good at it, but it is true. It was difficult to know exactly how to stop when you were going down. It was also kind of a pain to not be able to jump while moving forward. Still, it was typical of a platformer, it just could have used some more tweaking to make it enjoyable. The best part is probably how the premise is simple and the graphics are alright. At least the keys were fairly easy to comprehend.