Reviews for "60 Min Game"


for programming something in just 60 minutes this is awesome, I like your non-serious attitude and art but maybe you tried too hard to be random with that spoon, I 5'd this because I think it should be saved on newgrounds and then in 5 years when you're a professional games designer you will remember it

flashyfrazer responds:

Thanks, i know there is bugs, but i dont know why, i fixed them and saved, guese i forgot to update swf.


U know how to make a game!! hahaha very nice game! Good work!

Well then...

I feel really stupid for doing this, but what the hell, you get a 5/5. These games may be super simplistic and silly, but they are mad entertaining.

Games 4 and 5 are quite addicting haha


I actualy like game 5 the best even though i kept losing!

Time Waster

It isn't that bad and Game 5 was good. It just isn't the best.