Reviews for "Reachin'Pichin"

Very fun!

Don't let the cute look fool you, there is quite a bit of fun to be had here.

Music and Game

I love the game from the start the pichin was so cute and so adorable and i think the best music is the one tt plays once u reach the twilight zone


i's a very good game! the only thing I didn't liked is that when you finish the game, you can't keep playing and upgrading!
Overall a fantastic Idea for an Awesome game

AHH ^o^

Very fun
Very cute
Very enjoyable
Very good music
Very adictable
Very good
Thanx! ^o^


I know there are other games similar to this, BUT this was done extremely well on account of sound, art, setting, and dedication! The difference between a great game and an AWESOME game is quite simple.....patches. Updating a game or providing fixes will make your game addicting and fans will keep coming back to play. Great job!