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Reviews for "Reachin'Pichin"

Quite good

It's like a more complex version of Doodle Jump, that iPhone game series. What I didn't like about this game is the management. In my oppinion a game like this shouldn't require the player to study skill trees and do economical ressource spending but that's just me. Over all the game is ok and I enjoyed it to the end. The ending sequence confused me a little though. You might want to add a little narration text or so...


I had fun playing this, but I was kind of annoyed by the random upgrades. I'd prefer to pick and choose which path Pichin takes instead of all those percentages determining things. Also on that line of thought, most of the upgrades that I got cost Green and Metal points. I ended up with TONS of the Red points in the end and it really through off my percentages. Basically after the first evolution I was actively trying NOT to pick up Reds...

Thank YOu

That was a great game.
It made me feel happy just playing it. I think you guys are great game desginers.
It was very fun.

Its good but too childish

there are lots upgrades and it is lot of fun to play. also i like the evolution and skills system !
it is easy but fun

This game is unique!

This game truly is awesome. The Evolution, Upgrade, Skill system is nicely done.
I give it my 10!