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Reviews for "Reachin'Pichin"

Cute addicting game but...

The ending confused me. did pichin reach a whole new planet or something? thats the only reason i didnt give this a ten. 9/10 5/5


It's gay and i hate it. I gave it a ten though because for some reason it made me play trough to the end. I hate myself.


I know there are other games similar to this, BUT this was done extremely well on account of sound, art, setting, and dedication! The difference between a great game and an AWESOME game is quite simple.....patches. Updating a game or providing fixes will make your game addicting and fans will keep coming back to play. Great job!


awsome game
loved the evolution think
nice ending too


great game great graohics...
i just think that the beast form is kinda... ugly ¬¬
but that's just me
one thing i enjoyed here is that when you pass the pillows they dont disspaear,making it possible for you to climb up again, and also about the abilities there should be some kind of button sistem you know?
like a- for abilitie one s- for ability 2 and etc.
but overal 9/10 and 5/5