Reviews for "Reachin'Pichin"

heres one...

it was good, but i cant help thinking it would be so much better on an iphone. the controls would fit perfectly.

but its just an idea.

What a lovely game!

Loved the whole evolving bit. It's got so many different variations you can choose so it never gets boring playing this game over and over!



good work

The art is cute, the many ways to upgrade your charakter are great, but I have two little problems with the game.
Correct me, if I'm wrong, but I didn't find a button to change the quality.
Maybe changing the quality would destroy the cute art, or maybe it would help playing the game easier.
Also the music fits well, but I had to mute the sound after a while. It was just too much.
Now I just can say, good work, keep going 8/10

its fun

its realy fun but i dont know how to get all the evolutions i just stay the one i am i cant go back