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Reviews for "Reachin'Pichin"


I've played this game for lik3 40 minutes...
then i finished... great game...

Nice, but one HUGE annoyance

Sometimes cushions/platforms that you KNOW were there when you passed them disappeared on your way down. I always kept track of the last red pillow I passed, knowing I would need to land on it for a rebound. The further I went in the air, it seemed like the last pillow I passed would disappear even though I KNEW it was supposed to be there. This really ticked me off, b/c it means the game skews in favor of luck rather than skill. I eventually gave up out of frustration from this even though I was fully evolved and maxed.

Other same type of games

Idea: 3/10
Graphics: 6/10
Music: 5/10

Is too long game.


Now about the summary, I do not disapprove of cute, but I usually dislike it.

This game is similar to your average launch game, with the achivements, upgrade system, going as high as you can, etc., but the difference is that this game is full of awesome eye candy, the idea is quirky, and everything goes so fast you will have A BLAST!!!


lol i stay here for an hour XD