Reviews for "Ryder Revenge Part07"


multiguy445: techwarrior thinks agent globe-c is a tradier, u should watch part 8.
mysterman948: techwarrior is ryders father, u should watch part 9

07 is magic number

this episode was not done in detail but the action and efect is really quite :)

so let me get this straight

so the globe-c agent or whatever works for or with ryder and the techwarrior works with or for ryder but not for globe-c agent and i think that ryder works with globe c agent


its great,no bad i can say but i dont understand why techwarrior revives rider...i cant wait for ryder revenge part 8!


It is not possible to Techwarrior, helped by Ryder, but again I was pretty surprised. This part is in my best ever Djjaner issued.