Reviews for "Road of the Dead"

good job!

gentlemen, good job!!!!!! a fresh approach to zombie apocalypse / survival horror, good programming and controls & sickdeathfiend I recognize your work and love the zombies wandering about!!!! good game!

Evil-Dog responds:

SDF rocks :D thanks dude


Really cool game! It's really addicting. I think this is a really original idea for a zombie game instead of the usual point and shoot zombie games. The art and the gore and everything is awesome. I find that it lags during the parts of the game where there's a lot of action and that at times no matter how much I mash the buttons, they're unresponsive probably because of the lag. Other than that, great game!

Evil-Dog responds:

hey you!
yeah lag happens, blaaahhh even at low quality?

Glad you liked the game otherwise
and was nice meeting you at the toronto meet :)

Great game!

This game is great, the voice acting seems so real, the art is great, it's an original idea, and it's just fun to play. Good job guys, added this game to my favorites.

Evil-Dog responds:

you know that's the kind of reviews I love to see, "the voice acting seems so real"
thanks man :)


I mean it's the shit. Played it for hours already.

Greeeeeeeat game. Needs more medals though. I'm totally serious.


Evil-Dog responds:

haha when do we get a beer EH? (canadian style)

This is a great game.

This is a great game especially because of the fact that there are no other games like this.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks, we thought it was pretty unique too, cheers