Reviews for "Road of the Dead"


The best concept for a zombies game i've seen in a long time, also I love the driver's pool-o-vision lol.

Evil-Dog responds:

LMAO pool-o-vision....so true! haha

"Insert praise like everyone else"

No, Seriously. That was probably the best zombie flash game i've ever played man. Kept me going for a good hour or so playing until I won. I really don't know what else to say but thank you for giving Newgrounds a spectacular game.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha it's our pleasure man! we're really happy people like it

Reallllly great sir

Its not everyday you find a flash game with such good voice acting. I must say this is one of the MOST enjoyable games I've found in all my time on newgrounds. Well done!

Evil-Dog responds:

wow, that's a great compliment :D thansk dude

So im doing 120 and i cant dodge shit

i dont understand if im doing 120MPH that i cant dodge anything.

seriously, cause like, i should be flying past cars right? so when i see my point of view, and i see that im doing 150MPH, i can judge that i can pass cars just by barely turning the wheel.

however, the physics is like im going fucking 60 or 70.

so basically what it comes to is: change the speedometer, or change how fast im going.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha...right...it really comes to: play another game
the gameplay has been tweaked and balanced, we're not gonna just change stuff to your desire after you played a couple minutes. You gotta upgrade the car to get better controls. Come on...

Very addictive

I love games where you can upgrade the more you play. I'll be playing this one for hours.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah those are often addictive :D