Reviews for "Road of the Dead"

After playing this game for 3 straight hours and developing carpel tunnel in my left wrist.
I have to say after 8 years this Flash game still holds up as one of the greats.
I regretfully say I could get the "Dead on Time" achievements because, well I honestly couldn't play more of this game if I could. Unlike a fat child at a Golden Corral, I am full.

This game has a simple concept and executes it perfectly. Great voice acting, great animation, great pacing with the unlockables.
I really enjoyed hearing the chatter of the military as I drove through their outposts and the last messages at the end where *SPOILER* the general orders the nuke but still reassures the troops still in the city that their evacuation was on it's way when it wasn't...that was good.

However there were some things that really bothered me, but these are just personal quips.
1: if there's a zombie on my hood shouldn't the fire from soldiers and helicopter kill it? If not, then why am I still taking gunfire damage when the zombie is between us.
2: Flip Flop is a bad achievement, I'm not doing that.
3: Nothing is more annoying that a helicopter that clearly chips through a highway sign but takes no damage. Seriously helicopters were the most annoying thing and I just wanted to say somewhere in this review that I hated them.

Really glad to come back to this blast from the past and I hope everyone who worked on this is doing bigger projects because they deserve it.


OOF this game is cool

Playing this game again for the first time in a few years. It's unforgettable.

i remember playing this game years ago around 2010 or 2011ish, i remembered it when i noticed Markiplier played it and came all the way back here to say that its just as fun as i remembered