Reviews for "Road of the Dead"


This is by far the best Zombie game i have ever played.

Fun Game

Nothing better then running over some zombies. Om Nom Nom!

The Best Zombie Game

This is simple THE BEST zombie flash game already created. Nice game, good history, great art! Maybe this is not the "most realistic game" but who cares? Kill zombies, high speed, military doing everything to stop you... THIS IS GREAT!!!!!

The authors can use this game as an example for the future games.

Yeah yeah yeah.

There's no way I can't get all of these medals. Which leaves me screwed. But to take out the anger I like to run over people and that make me happy playing and laughing.


This is exactly the kind of zombie action I love. I'm still trying to take down those two choppers at the end...I'm getting there, but...*sigh*
Hitting the groups of gorging zombies is the best. SPLASH. Derisive laugh. Windsheild wipers.