Reviews for "Road of the Dead"

Beat normal mode. One of the better flash games, this. Missing a separate sound option for the radio calls, their repetition quickly begins to grate. Good SFX, overall. No thoughts on the music, I immediately turned it off. (Instrumental) Metal music goes along swimmingly.

The copters were annoying more so than challenging to deal with, requiring me to break the flow and take damage inevitably. All other difficulty factors fit in well. You just got to remember to spare the windshield from your own gunfire and to make ample use of that handbrake.

PS: I had more than a little fun with this game, but perhaps the best thing I take away from it is that it rekindled a spark of interest in me for racing games. For the most part, it was the engine revving sound effect. Coupled with the first-person perspective and aptly chosen music, that hyped me up at the start of each attempt! And, now, I want more of that from actual racing games. I'd forgotten the enjoyment.


awesome game!

It's been 6-7 years since I first played this game, still just as fun as I remember it~

i like it put 5 estars if you play dis in 2019 and i like i dlood core and all his fings plz a part 3 plz