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Reviews for "Super Mario World"

Good ideas, but why be racist?

This was a pretty interesting game. The Mr. Hanky cameo was unexpected. I don't know what I think about Mario digging himself to China and meeting the buck-toothed Chinese Mario and Yoshi. I mean, it was funny, but I felt bad that I thought so because it's pretty racist. The court is still out on that one.


Hey, that's pretty funny. I guess it's funnier cause I need to go to bed. Wow, I could sure use a burrito right now....

NG has come a long way since this

To think that this movie got daily feature back in 2000. Well, it's not that bad, but if it were submitted nowadays it would never get daily feature. In a way, that's a good thing, because it means more and more people are interested in Newgrounds, and therefore there are better flash artists.
Anyway, the movie was ok. Nothing really that funny, but because it's made by randy solem it's not too bad. Randy Solem is the king of all sonic vs marios. :-).

halfway decent, got some good jokes

Yeah it's all right, just not perfect. and I know you can do waaaaaaaaaay better then this. I mean look at ROTMK, that's gold!

Come on

Okay its good for the year 2000 but you should make a sequel and make Mario do more stuff.It was alright but definitly not your best work.