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Reviews for "Super Mario World"

Mario in China! XD!!

Very good short and sweet flash movie. I don't care what other people think, you are a great flash artist. It was very creative and funny. If people don't like this, I guess that "they no wike wice"! Peace out...

Mario's Dad: "Guess he no wike wice."

HAAHAHAHAAHAHAH! That's funny! And the other 2 parts are hillarious! And that little piece of shit from South Park! OMG!

Santa Crap: "A HiDeHo."

Mario: "Ok, Iv'e seen mushrooms make me grow big, turtles fly, I wore that stupid Racoon Suit, but this is where I draw the line, I'm getting the fuck out of the Mushroom Kingdom!

could of put more effort into it

Like the last guy said. You could of put more effort into it. The one where mario break dances is just stupid. I liked the others though like the Mr. Hankey one. It was a bit short but i liked it.


coulda put a lot more effort into it

Could be better

I think it was kinda funny, especially the chinese part, but you could have put more options on, and the Mr Hankey bit was.... no pun intended.... crap.