Reviews for "cute creatures couple twi"

How addicting? SO addicting.

Also, I broke the scoreboard. I've written up a medal guide for the game, and I included a gameplay video that shows how to get a really high score, as well as an aftermath video showing what happens when you get a 32 creature combo. It's at http://dimono.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/526392 (sans spaces, obviously).

As for constructive criticism... well, I have none, because aside from the restriction on the NG scoreboard this game is exactly as good as it can be. The only thing I'd maybe request is a quit button in-game, so if you see your game is going nowhere you don't have to wait for the screen to fill up.

fortunacus responds:

hei, can you make the new video, I have make revison on the game, please try that and a new MEDAL!!!

thanks a lot for the video
more casual game ahead :D

please tell me if there is a bug on my update,thanks


Highscore but only wave 32 :( Awesome game


Is it possible to get a higher score than this? Is there a way to pause the game?
It is a really fun game but it still needs some work.

Nicely done.

This puzzle Game was challenging. And for those who are complaining about it, you're not supposed to click in a spastic motion.

If you watched Dimono's Video you'd know you have to be a bit more strategic in cleaing the little monsters off the screen for a huge amount off Points and a shot at the "Who can do this?" Medal.


Regarding the review by SuperSapito,

I got the 'Who Can Do This?' medal 7 years ago and I can promise you that no cheating or hacking was involved aha. Nevertheless, it is incredibly difficult to achieve but it just involves a LOT of patience and strategy. I believe it takes a 37 or 38 combo to reach Wave 35.

A user named DiMono gave this advice : 'Most of your playtime you'll spend watching the grid fill up so you can get to the next round because the one you're on didn't give you anything promising. Also, don't be afraid to take away 2 or 3 of your target critter if it opens you up to 8 or 9 more.'

So all in all, keep trying. You'll get there eventually! There's no need to get too salty lol.