Reviews for "cute creatures couple twi"

Nice game

But you must make prettier medals!!! They look so lack luster right now :(

How addicting? SO addicting.

Also, I broke the scoreboard. I've written up a medal guide for the game, and I included a gameplay video that shows how to get a really high score, as well as an aftermath video showing what happens when you get a 32 creature combo. It's at http://dimono.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/526392 (sans spaces, obviously).

As for constructive criticism... well, I have none, because aside from the restriction on the NG scoreboard this game is exactly as good as it can be. The only thing I'd maybe request is a quit button in-game, so if you see your game is going nowhere you don't have to wait for the screen to fill up.

fortunacus responds:

hei, can you make the new video, I have make revison on the game, please try that and a new MEDAL!!!

thanks a lot for the video
more casual game ahead :D

please tell me if there is a bug on my update,thanks

Fun little game here

I have nothing bad to say about this game. just 2 suggestions:
1) make the mute button mute sound effects too (i like listing to my music while playing games) and
2) when you clear a column weather it's from the column remover or you just get rid of all the critters, make the column to the outside move in. there doesn't have to be a bonus for clearing the screen but having the columns slide adds more to the strategy of the game.
other than that its done pretty well

fortunacus responds:

mute button will be added, wait

and suggestion number 2 done, please clear your cache and paly again thanks


Felt it went a little to fast. Fun none the less.

Excellent game!!

Game rocks!!!