Reviews for "cute creatures couple twi"

Sorry Man But........

It sucks. Real bad man. I don't mean to mock it but it''s too fast and there's hardly any pairings which just makes you lose faster.


Distracting and fast

Title says it all really. The game moves too fast to really allow any form of strategy other than "click as fast as you can and hope you get something. Also the constant movements of the creatures is distracting which only furthers the problem.

Another issue is sometimes; usually right before a new row comes in, you'll clear out a column but the ones to its right won't shift over like they should.

It's an alright game, but there's much preventing it from being good or memorable


Is it possible to get a higher score than this? Is there a way to pause the game?
It is a really fun game but it still needs some work.

Waves a bit confusing, but understand

Good game, a lot like a bubble-face game on my portable that I'd max out. Figured out the max combo sets the highest wave, then it increases a wave for every combo until it hits the current highest combo. It was a bit frustrating at first when the waves didn't increase after a certain point.

Got lucky and let the screen fill up with a whole bunch of pigs and managed a 38-combo. Your high score caps at 2.1 bill, even though I had 600 bill pts.

The video guide was good. Definitely need a good start, otherwise it's pointless trying to get any high combos after the first dozen rows with the added pieces.


Highscore but only wave 32 :( Awesome game