Reviews for "cute creatures couple twi"

Not bad

I'm wondering if the people who don't like the game didn't read about the column remover, lol. It's quite a useful feature, basically a lifesaver ;) I'll have to check that video out some time and come back for the harder medals. The game concept isn't necessarily totally original, but it's a nice twist on it I think.

The drawings for the pieces looked pretty good, and the little animations were a nice touch. The sounds were appropriate and the music was okay to me. Keep up the good work.

Sorry but...

I agree with Scorpianreturns5.

It's like ultra hard, there's hardly ever any pairs, it takes like 20 years to get to the next wave even though there are like 20 thousand more and there's probably like what, 0.0000000000000001% chance of ever actually getting close to getting past "wave" 10 nevermind 35.

I wish I didn't have to but, it's going to have to be a 0 from me. Sorry.

Nicely done.

This puzzle Game was challenging. And for those who are complaining about it, you're not supposed to click in a spastic motion.

If you watched Dimono's Video you'd know you have to be a bit more strategic in cleaing the little monsters off the screen for a huge amount off Points and a shot at the "Who can do this?" Medal.


Zero Originality

This game exists in so many versions and your version has nothing that makes it stand out. That makes it impossible for anybody to give you bonus points for originality. Though I have to give your version credit for the fact that it works and some effort was put into it. But still, I find that, in general, these kind of games are just terrible because its based more on luck than skill or intelligence.

No offence...

But this is the worst one i've seen of these kinds of games.
Too fast, too hard, no fun or memorial things, no challenge or strategy (just pure fucking "CLICK EVERYTHING AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" shit), waste of time and music sure doesnt help make it any better.
0/10 0/5