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Reviews for "Zombowling"


How dare you NOT make a zombie turkey!?!?.GRRRR. I love how the game works. All three modes are fun. Excellent graphics would make this even more playable and replayable after playing it a bunch of times. like me for instance. Right now, grphics blow.


its very good and the controls aren't bad once you play a bit, the only problem i have is that sometimes the grenades explode on the body parts that get scattered, which makes it impossible to pick up a spare if that happens. other than that great game

Not Bad.

It is a pretty good game It coud be a little more complex though, like the power to upgrade the bowling ball for more fire power or, walking zombies for harder levels but, overall it is a good game.

Yes, you fixed a glitch in the preloader, but it still freezes at 100% loading. That, and the fact that after clicking the skip button the ad replayed. I haven't played the game yet so I gave you 3 stars to avoid skewing the score

nothing new

nothing original just a boring bowling game with an overhead view