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Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"


This was written so well. It was so realistic in every single scenario, and I spent about two hours altogether to get every ending. The character development was also thought out really well. Depending on your actions and the actions of the other characters makes them completely different people in all the varied timelines. Some of the timelines were incredibly emotional, and even though I'm a sucker for a happy ending like 34, my other favorite has to be 20. It was one of the best things I've read in a while and I do actually read a bit. I hope you continue, though it must take you forever to come up with it all. Anyway, if another is made I guarantee I will take the time to completely uncover any and all of the secrets and scenarios, and hopefully so will many other people.


I love the concept and the depth of the timeline. Initially I thought it kind of a cheesy plotline, but digging deeper, it's one of the smartest stories I've seen in a while. I fully recommend making a sequel of some sort, because this was nothing short of a 10/10.

oh, and 5/5.


Wrapping my head around whats happening left me with only a headache and a profound sense of the importance of choices. Anyway, good job with this.

I'm usually into this kind of stuff...

Except 'this kind of stuff' isn't ever published!

Excellent job on this! I'm only a few clicks into it and I already love it! It's really moving my imagination and The-Swain's artwork really contributes a lot to this. The music is a perfect loop for this mysterious yet somewhat sympathetic story.

A+ man!

No pressure on the next game, take your time! I'm looking forward to another one! :)


I read through every possible ending, and enjoyed all of it, even the ones where I knew I was making bad decisions on purpose. No fancy flash animations here, but an amazing story that had me reading through all the possibilities genuinely interested and wondering what the outcome would be for my decisions and how it would effect the characters. Would like to see more of this.