Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

wow,awesome storyline!

this "game" is one of the best choose-your-own-adventure storys i ever red! the only thing that i could say i don't like is that the most endings end up in the same scenario,that makes it a bit lame because you already know whats going on around when you get there again. OVERALL i damn like this and man - keep up your work!
5/5 ; 10/10 you deserve it

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! And yeah, I agree with your critique. Honestly I wasn't expecting people to read through so many of the endings, so I wanted to hit up the main ending path in enough of them that people could get a general idea of what happened without getting all 35.

In hindsight I probably should have had fewer overall endings and just made them more unique.


This would have worked better if you did it visual novel style. Scrolling blocks of text in a flash game = bad. Said style would also put the players in the role of the protagonist more effectively. Though you would have to change it to first person style, rather than third person, this makes more sense given that you are giving the player the choices, rather than the protagonist.

It's also really quite short, despite your complaints about the time it took to write.

Now being able to go back and make another choice if you get a bad ending is a good feature though. Most of these make you go through the entire thing again.

Your music selection is decent too, mindful of what would be appropriate for the events.


I'm shocked... This is bloody phenomenal!
I never took this much time and effort to complete such a game, or ANY game for the matter... I'm certainly speechless.
A movie on this subject would feel too much of a ripoff of Butterfly Effect or Run Lola Run, though.
I just feel emotionally attached to the characters, not just cause all of us had our similar moments (as Todd), but also cause of the writing style...
...Too much to say, mostly cause I know how difficult thinking of and about these things can be...

Keep it up.... ;)

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! I haven't seen The Butterfly Effect, but I'm familiar with the premise (there's a lot of similar underlying chaos theory-ish philosophy in Jurassic Park, which actually was a pretty big inspiration for me, even with the lack of dinosaurs here).

I liked Run Lola Run a lot, but I hadn't even noticed the similarities until this review. I'm suddenly feeling a lot less original now!

Very good game

Very good plot, and a very good choose your own story game. The thing is, this game kind of reminds me of myself, and in the future i could have done something simalar to what future Todd did. You saved lifes making this game. Even though it wasn´t the happiest ending, my favourite was ending #27.

A film deal can't be far away.

Brilliant. It's sad and bittersweet, but perfectly written and inspiring. I'm not always a fan of the text-laden choose you own adventures, but this was another level - I HAD to get all 35 endings.

Particularly enjoyed ending 16, which I got after about half an hour play and finally filled me in, and endings 21 and 22, which were the last ones I got and amazingly ended on something of a 'real' nature, if not being somewhat sad. It's testament to your creation that every single option bar one can lead to a different ending; there doesn't seem to be any loops anywhere.

Improvements? Um, I don't know, it would have been nicer as a full blown comic, but that's probably getting a little greedy.

Great job.