Reviews for "Thousand Dollar Soul"

goooood one

it's a good game with a great story,but it's just too big,so much text.I mean you didn't make a game YOU JUST MAKE A FUCKING BOOK!!and that is no joke,just see the number of pages you can make with all that text

Completely unexpectedly brilliant

I actually found because I was perusing theswain's past works, I didn't even know it was on the front page (and too far down the list of games I might add) or that it was made only four days ago! And well, it may have started off a bit slow but the solid writing kept me in, and wow, I was not expecting this. Gregloire this story is brilliant and incredibly creative. I first chose the most corrupted and tragic path possible, sending angela to jail on drug suspicion, facing future todd and using the device on angela, sending her into future todd's body. Wow. And then I went and chose a noble path, ending in the marriage ending. WOW. In retrospect I must be lucky to have found possibly the two most storylines on my first and second go; back-to-back they create a kind of poetry. The "what could have been" ideas in this story, blended with the ideas of time travel, blended with the idea of self-aware ai, it makes a hell of a tale. And the characters and their dialog are just pitch-perfect. I cannot believe this has not broken a 4.0 (at the time of writing). This is a great piece of writing. And the living character profiles are a great touch! Love future todd's blend of ridiculous future-attire and sadistic expressions.

Again, the whole package is just brilliant. Well done.

i agree with centt

i started playing it yesturday and the unlocked stuff about your endings are nice i like the ending how the guy gets the ear piece and reboots it 0-0 its like his reviewing it all over again but anyway best choose game ever

Simply amazing...

To be honest i wasn't expecting much at first...The artwork wasn't INCREDIBLE and the beggining was a bit boring...But damn i had played this game for like 2-3 fucking hours...I thought it was kind of boring but JUST when the AngelFire came i got some nice interest into this. And , of course , i unlocked endings...But there's something i don't get , in one ending (BIG SPOILER , DON'T READ) It says he hears a scream and then another scream that sounds a bit muffler...Did future todd raped her or killed her or what? I don't get it...Still , it is a MASTER PIECE. I know it is WAY too 'hard' to make a sequel. But i'm still gonna be waiting for it. I hope more of ur work and this actually showed me Swain can make more than simply BlockHead and all those humoristic dark things.


Damn, single best choose own adventure game I've ever played!!