Reviews for "Tren 2"

Well good but confusing

how do you wnat to think about it.
it a bit to dificult


Its just wierd because theres not much you can click on.
When you click the only things he says is "what is this?"
Also the tubes in the corner are also confusing.
None of this gets explained.


I would much rather play a simple but well-made game. This game is simply a mess, I have no idea what's going on.
And the music is just giving me a headache.
Sorry man, my score is 1/5


lol! do you even realise how much this so called "game" sucks?
music is really stupid, there is no sound-effects, stupid links you accidentally press and a new website appears, everything is really messy and the whole idea of escaping somewhere without any plot in the game is just garbage. So say no to music, and say no, to this fucking game.

Just.... No.

Spelling errors are rampant, and the music is grating, so thanks for at least including a mute button. I consider this game stupidly confusing (in a poorly made way, not an oh teh noez its too hard way), especially since i had to look at the walkthrough before i could even try to start.