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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

it's OK

I got confused looking for the keys on level 1 until I figured out I had to kill enough zombies to get them ( don't like that when zombies drop off power ups ).

Otherwise it was OK, nice cut scenes, driving was hectic.

Brings back memories

I love top down shooters like this they're pretty fun but sadly a lot of them end up being more of the same. This one isnt too bad but it does fall into that area somewhat. It gets repetitive and the zombies all look the same. I cant tell weather the zombie I just toasted with the flamethrower is still alive or not. The weapons where cool and innovative if somewhat off the wall. Not sure how I can carry a chainsaw cannon but whatever right? Would of been better if some weapons used the same items and you where forced to decide which to make at certain times. Do you go for the AOE rocket launcher or the fast shooting dual nail guns... maybe you should get the rail gun that shoots through multiple enemies or maybe the protective acid bubble gun... shit like that.

Also something that bugged me was how even though you may of shot and killed an enemy before he finished his attack animation... you still took damage.

Fun game none the less but it needs a touch up.



realy.. is boring, but new weapons are cool ^^ too bad theres no differend ovjective, just harder and harder, like tetris, no challenge :<

Nice game

but i'd like to say those zombies are fucking retarded bitches.

Someone's been playing Deadrising 2

just from the slightly out of the ordinary combineable weponry i could tell. cool but short thats all i can say