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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Good Decent Game

the playing is good, no lag. little difficult at times but thats good, dun want TOO easy a game of course. but the first thing that strikes me...is its a 2D top view version of Dead Rising 2(almost). source of inspiration? well done tho! 10 stars

Pretty ejoyable but repetitive

It was also quite short, but i really liked to get the new weps. I found myself using mainly the flamethrower, the rocket launcher and the coins rifle (cause of the good firing rate + the pretty decent damage).
Don't u think some of the last zombies moved way too fast? I know they are suposed to be hard opponents but hey, zombies were supposed to be slow corpses...
The last thing I've got to say is: OMG this man must be really lucky if he can find a car everytime he is in problem :)
Happy gaming.

Two things

#1, Thoroughly enjoyed wasting some time on this game, decent graphics, Amusing weapons (DNA resequencer being my favourite) and didn't take too long. I liked being able to make the each level into a survival mode if I wanted to.

5/5 10/10

Now then, onto serious business...

#2, Dear maybifi,,

" but i died do to weapon change malfunction!!!! u should be able to change by
...q...e... buttons not num its confusing it couldve even said wich num it was but u had to remem or count by den ur dead so its kewl but not good wep change plus a lil to many weps
id rather use a chainsaw to not shoot it kewl i dea thow!! "

What in the name of little baby jesus was that supposed to be? Was that a review? SERIOUSLY? Jesus fucking Christ proof read it next time.


i finally beat it. Nice game cant wait for part2

I can see why the low scores but

everyone needs to stop bitching about it, it's a creative game with many features.
although towards the end the zombies got a bit too quick, overall it was good.