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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Great cutscenes, graphics, redundant levels.

Amazing top-down game. You changed up the pace of the cliche top-down genre with amazing animation, amazing weapons, different zombie animations, and a decent story. The only think I didn't like was that all the levels were the same. Game is amazing though and good nod towards Dead Frontier!

not bad

repetitive after a while but overall not bad. Graphics are better than what you usually find in these games and that does make a lot of difference. Liked the cut scenes as well.

Some bugs...

Good game, idea is a bit over used, but I still liked it.
I was really pumped every time I was given a new weapon, but I hated how every time I did the character would not move afterwards. I would always get hit then. If you could fix that, or even just make the new gun appear after the level, would help the flow of the game.
A couple changes could be made,
-More characters
-Instead of always getting into a car, why not a house or celler (if that does happen later, don't pay attention to this comment)
-Health packs or more damage/upgrades
Everyone says these comments, but just adding these little common attributes can help the games score.
All in all, I liked the game, but could use some add-ons or a change of repition.

Good plain fun

good job keep it up

Entertaining, but no save feature

It entertaining, the weapons are absurd but fun, but it needs a save feature. Thats all i can complain about because everything else is good.