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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Good Stuff!

REally liked the weapons, very creative and plenty of ammo drops which is something u dont see often on zombie games. A little repetative but it wasnt long enough to be rediculous.

Some constructive criticism

I agree with killarama. The weapons ARE awesome. It took one helluvan imagination to come up with all these weapons.

I also agree that it is kinda repetitive. You can counteract this, though. If you plan on coming up with a second game, I'd suggest putting a map where you need to FIND those parts for the weapons instead of the zombies dropping it. That might make it LOADS more interesting. Personally I thought that's what the game would be like. I thought I'd have to go and look for the parts. If it had been like that I would've given a 10. But hey, it's pretty good already, you can just make it perfect.

good game

very enjoyable...acid bubbles were the best..

good game

this game would be even more awesome with a happy end lol

but the reason i did'nt give you a 10 was because it was too short and to easy

but i did like your ideas for weapons like a chainsaw launcher
l laughed at that in a good way

i really want a coin shooting machine gun though... yeah... awesome

great game but it could be even greater :)

Very Good

Good arsenal of guns and my favorite was the Acid Bubbles all you had to do was shoot in advance then when you are running to the car use the special weapons to quickly eliminate any zombies in your way.
I would have liked a Finale where you held out as long as you could on the island.
I really liked this game and would like to see another about zombies by this creator.