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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

I loved it

I loved the game, especially the animation and cut scenes. The main character, Richard McHipster drives like such an asshole ... lol. Swerving between lanes at 110mph, no wonder his car overheated and ran out of gas.

The weapons selection is great. I only just managed to complete it, I had 10% health left when I jumped on the boat. It's a fairly easy game, still great game play though.

Good job all around.

very good game

You have a lot of imagination with the weapons..
The zombies looked very 3D and nice
I like the little clips you made...they looked very good
I have no complaints on this game

Really cool game

And i love the weponds. They are new, but you also have the classic kind, but with a nice twist :)

good game

but i'd like to know why most horror-themed games tend to have a ''FUCK YOU BITCH" kinda ending like this...it would be scaryer to have to fight the dead 4 the rest of ur life instead of dying right after the ending (he is gonna die i guess)

nbomb you the FBOMB failure bomb bro. I like this game though the final lvl is very hard and I still haven't beet it...