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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Very nice

does this guy,when infected, becomes "the hunter" in L4D?.. :P


Endin was a real heartbreker though


where in hell (or garage sale) did he come up with these things! hes insane! i made a spud gun before though, i used fertilizer to launch it... it went far, and i shot my older brother with it, he had back problems for a while... any way great job, u should try a puzzle game, like find objects in a room and make stuff with them, or be given a bunch of stuff at the beggining of the game, and make wepons with them, just ideas!

EPIC !!!

This hero has a very, very, very great imagination !!!!
He makes some funny weapons !!!


It was a good game, with great graphics, from the cinema cequences to the actual gameplay. And it also has alot of weapons that were A LOT of fun to use. It is not perfect, however. The weapon switching system was terrible. I would rather switch them with Q and E. Also, you are always doing the same thing. Get a car, drive a little bit, stop, fight some zombies, get another car and repeat the process several times. In one point it seemed like you just put as many ways a car can screw up as possible. Not even a boss fight. Nothing. You always did the same thing. Even though it is insnely repetitivem, it is a fun game. But with more variety it could have been better.