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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Cool idea and good graphics

Cool idea. Kinda easy for a while but it was a really fun and addictive game.

i like this game very much!!

hahaha so funny new weapons hahaha Very Nice

Okay okay...

This is a pretty cool game, and dieing was okay cuz it was kinda funny. But the fact that the dudes driving skills were about as good as a 5 year old on Wii is pretty annoying. Over all good game, but you could've switched it up a little.

Man this guy is all over the road

He is a really bad driver.

But this game is excellent. I kind of wish there was more choice over what you can pick up, but the wacky weapons are awesome.

Very nice

does this guy,when infected, becomes "the hunter" in L4D?.. :P