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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Decent enough

I thought that it was a decently made game. Pretty good graphics. Made me want to go play a different game tht I cant mention because Ill be deleted :/.

Same game, different title

Really nothing new here. The controls are the exact same as pixel zombies or Boxhead. The only thing better in this than those two are the graphics. It doesn't feel new and it isn't new. Wouldn't recommend unless you really like those two games


realy.. is boring, but new weapons are cool ^^ too bad theres no differend ovjective, just harder and harder, like tetris, no challenge :<

awesome game!

i lost 3 but awesome game.

This guy has horrible luck with cars.lol

It was good and fun, if only for awhile. It got old way to fast. The one thing i liked was the unique weapons. The flamethrower and acid sprayer were pretty useless but the rest were cool.