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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Very Good

Good arsenal of guns and my favorite was the Acid Bubbles all you had to do was shoot in advance then when you are running to the car use the special weapons to quickly eliminate any zombies in your way.
I would have liked a Finale where you held out as long as you could on the island.
I really liked this game and would like to see another about zombies by this creator.

not bad

it definetly has a alot of potential but theres a few things that u need to work on. For instence the controls are a bit sticky at times and i run out of ammo too quiickly ( though that might be me and not the game) but besides that great game and id like to see more like it

Creative and somewhat Baffling weaponry

Acid Bubbles? A Chainsaw launcher? a coin rifle? seems to be me a pocket full of dreams is much less effectiver than a pocket full of coins, a good game, great graphics, good control, and some very inventive weaponry, however, it is difficult to concentrate when you have to look in awe at your new weapons. a good game, the only problem is the fact that infection doesn't stack over levels, sure you could lower it a bit each level, but I know I amassed over 100% infection over the course of every level combined, which made the game somewhat easier.

good game

this game would be even more awesome with a happy end lol

but the reason i did'nt give you a 10 was because it was too short and to easy

but i did like your ideas for weapons like a chainsaw launcher
l laughed at that in a good way

i really want a coin shooting machine gun though... yeah... awesome

great game but it could be even greater :)

a few points

Auto switching to a new gun was annoying. The guns didn't seem to progress normally in goodness, which I suppose is no big deal, except having to be switched to a chainsaw shooter that does nothing when you are in a horde. Not switching to a new gun automatically was little annoying but that's not a huge deal. Having the link pop up instantly on gameover was annoying because I think players will be clicking as much as they can still at that point. It's essentially auto linking.

The game overall was very well put together and polished.