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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

My childhood game :D

Afew things that I did not like
What's the point of putting cheat if there is no cheat at all? Also why would anyone need cheat? The game is too easy for that

Also the weapons that were in the game were pretty darn unrealistic. Seems more like a flash version of Dead Rising series.

This game reminds me a lot of Zombie Horde 3, except that I cannot drive any of the cars. :(

creative weaponaries goodjob man

A Nice short game, if you polish and dust this off, with some work this could see itself on the IOS platform!
I didn't mind this top-down shooter, the weapons were awesome, and wacky which was fine, I liked the idea of the keys and vehicle, but you might want to rethink the objective per level of the game. That is if you wish to redo this game!