Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Eeeh? What? In that scene where's that tree giving me different kinds of foods.
I ordered an apple, but the tree gave me a hand??? :D

Awesome game! Even more brutal than the first one... I can't imagine the third! But I always have the same problem, the inventory! When i try to give something to someone (i dont want to spoil) and Gretel is just where the inventory opens, i cant give it to her, making it impossible to proceed. I hope you can do something about it, I REALLY wanna know how it ends!

I thought this game was awesome. A real brain picker. From my experiences from playing this, there's a few bugs that still needs to be worked out, but it's minor and doesn't really interfere with the game play. What really got me was the whole look of this game, it's like a child's story book illustration turned into a nightmare. I'd love to play more games like this.

PewDiePie played this and got me here.truly amazing game.TRULY AMAZING.

Great game it is an extremely fun and addictive game and I want to Pewdie for showing it to me.