Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Great! But...

This is such a great game, but I must be a glitch magnet because I found countless glitches. It should have only taken me about half an hour to play this but it almost took two hours to complete because I had to keep refreshing the page to get unstuck. There's one where if you use the spell book while in the first part of the swamp you can run around in the sky. Also if you click on the rope trap too close to the path entrance you'll get stuck and if you don't do the correct pattern on the eyeball tree you have to restart because it doesn't reset if you walk to the next area. And sometimes if you refresh you have to refresh again because after you click continue it doesn't load properly and is just blank. These are just a few, I have a whole list of the ones I hit.

It was still a lot of fun to play even with all the set backs. I loved the first one and was excited when this one came out. Can't wait to see if there's a third!


Amazing i liked the first medal for getting 100 points by clicking faces :d made waiting alot better

creepy awesome

a very chalenging game, finish w/o walkthrough will be satisfying ^^

bloody 5000

really, a difficult but achievable medal that took me a bit of time and i am so glad i never have to do it it again, overall i loved the game, you can really tell that a lot of effort went into

one thing though i glitched out once getting stuck in the face stealer bubble as a fairy and had to reset my game to continue

i think i found a bug...
i just got the crazy hat, and i cant put the mirror on emma =/