Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Nothing like it!

I've never played a game like this one, other than the one that came before it, honestly. The unique visuals, the haunting music and the crazy puzzle solutions all mix together to make an experience that's so rare to see in a flash game these days. Great, great game and I can't wait to play the next one.


I think this game is awesome but i cant find the mushroom death, can somebody help?


The wonderfully creepy mood of this game never subsides. Every screen and encounter is dripping with it.

Your creativity with some of the creatures - the tree chef and the soul-stealing vine critter in particular is also most impressive. I also love that Hansel is this complete moron, yet occasionally useful, and that Gretel loves him in spite of his oafishness.

I had some slowdown issues at times, and once glitched when crossing the swamp (the next screen would not load, but I couldn't move) and it was occasionally frustrating when I'd stand somewhere in which I could perform an action (Gretel would have her "dialogue" bubble up) but once I opened the knapsack, its item menu was in the way of where I needed to use the item. These are minor details, and there is just so much awesome in this game that I give it a 10 in spite of it.

When I got to the gingerbread house at the end... ohhhh shit. I just know part 3 is going to be excellent.


Great puzzles, I was stumped a couple of times, but thats what makes the game great. Really great story telling


This game is so interesting. I have to turn in now but will be playing this shit tomorrow for sure!