Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

just amazing

this needs to be put on XBLA its that good


This is a great game so far! I've noticed a couple of bugs though. Even though Hansel ate the scissors (lol) I didn't get the metal. I also can't use the mirror on the girl (Emma, I'm assuming?) to set her free. I see the mirror icon above Gretel's head, but whenever I try to use the mirror, nothing happens. Other than those things, this is a wonderful game. (:

i can't figure this one out...

can anyone tell me how to get the old man death. I tried to hit him with my stick but it wouldn't work. Am I supposed to do something else?

Takes me to another world

I thought I loved the first game, but this one just blew me away.

I've always had a thing for stories set in a unfamiliar, deep forest, Ever since I was a kid, the stories, movies, games and books that awed and captured me the most were ones that set the character in an unknown forest filled with fantastical wonders they come across whilst they meander through. It is the appeal of the mystery and the unknown, the unreal and the fantasy, and the vastness of this mystical setting that really absorbed me. This game is like a perfect example of that which I love, and even more so as it enticed my love of the morbid.

I think this game has succeeded and excelled in creating a enchanted, storybook atmosphere that draws the player in completely and takes them to another ethereal world. The graphics are beautifully done and spot-on, and the music is just perfect. They really do create the perfect atmosphere. I also love the haunting, morbid and 'Grimm-fairytale' element that is included, which really makes things interesting. Another thing is the sheer length and depth of this game. The size of the game world, the variety of interactions and the length of the adventure really draws me in to the world. The length of it really satisfies my appetite for this kind of genre.

At the end of it, I had so much fun I had almost completely forgotten the original story of what is was suppose to be: Hansel and Gretel. So I was delighted to find out there was a whole other part (or more :D) for the segment of their visit to the witch and the candy house. I can't wait.

Great job on the game, guys.

Sooo worth waiting a year for!

Awesome Job! I loved all the new deaths, couple of glitches hereandthere(When My exploded after eating the Shrooms, I couldn't turn back into Gretel until I quit and continued) but other than that top notch!

but y'know what wasn't worth the wait. I heard you get something after getting 5000 in the pre-loader, so I went the xtra mile(which took almost 45 minutes) and did it- and I got stiffed. so was it a goof or do you really get something and I missed it somehow??? oh well. Excellent work guys!
Way better than the first one.
Also i got all deaths, and on the deaths screen after the credits a egg appeared.

I couldn't click it, so what is it?