Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

I used to play this game multiple times! Please fix so I can be happy again!

i neeed to play this gameee, please fix the glitch that comes after dining at woodman's dining room, you can't move anymore :/// I NEED TO PLAY ITTT

i absolutely love it! i played it on a diff site to complete it years ago, but now , it glitches and it seems i cant control Gretel with the WASD nor with the arrow keys, after killing that wood man. grateful if you could fix that...thanks :)

You should probably fix this game. For some reason, I am stuck right after I kill that wooden tree man, and as soon as it cuts to the fireplace area in the cave, I can't move Gretel or do much of anything except open my inventory. I don't think this game for whatever reason is compatible with Firefox anymore.

please fix it