Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

A good sequel to a good game.

But I'm stuck. I've just set the stickman on fire and cut myself loose, the walkthrough says all I need to do is walk to the next room, but I can't move. I've loaded and reloaded the game a bunch of times, but no matter what there's no response to WASD or the arrows. I want to play the rest of the game, but if there's a technical glitch keeping me there's very little I can do.

makopudding responds:

I haven't seen that one before... My only suggestion other than reloading is to open and close your inventory bag or try and run the game in a different browser. Like Firefox or safari.

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Im stuck. Could i get a walkthrough please? Other then that...great game. great graphics, and great plot.

makopudding responds:

Click on the ? icon in the top right corner of the game to access the walkthrough :)


Lol this game was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i was wating for this and its out so great job think you guys will make a flash version?