Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Fun, but i can't win.

Very lovely art, but i can't get past her opening hobo bag to use the mirror on the lady without a face.

This raises the bar.

This gets a 10, because despite a few bugs, it's one of the best games I've played. I would hang still frames from this on my wall, and the music is gorgeous.

I also got the moonwalking wolf bug, and my kerchief full of inventory kept disappearing - I had to restart.


The first game was good, but this is far better. Funniest thing I´ve played for a long time. Only thing that anoys me a litle is that you sometimes have to stand on a very exact point to perform things; quite anoying trying do the right thing w/out respons just because you´re on the wrong spot.
But after all: Best game this year.
Doubt you can beat this in pt 3 (but I hope you´ll do!)

Really fun but....

It did glitch out on me a couple of times, such as: Not able to swing the stick and at the end I can not fill my bucket like object with water and its not allowing me to fly anywhere. But It is really fun and challenging and I love the art style. I give you a 9 only cause of the glitches


i could not get the bear in the trap