Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

great game man !!!! nice work

actually im having a little problem here, there's a bug after you take the glasses of the invisible treasure chest, the mouse pointer just dissapears . . . . . . . or at least in my computer, i dont know, i hope you check that problem and congrats for the second part

2 hours of really fun

I played through in like 2 hours or so and only missed 2 deaths.

Don't know how to get the next to last one, the last I simply couldn't get because of being to fast XD.

Really nice sequel, I'm hoping for an even bigger and more inspired 3rd part.

Well done.

There Should Be More like This

An AWESOME game.
Excellent graphics and the music fits right in with the story.
Keep up the awesome work!


its a nice game i hope you have already finished part3 of the game cause i gonna be playing it

very very cool game

the music the animation, the riddles, the sadic sittuations , this is a very greaT game, i cant wait for the part 3!!!