Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Cant play it

This game is probably really good but I can't play it. Gretel is roaming uncontrollably across the screen, arrow keys do very little and I can't find anything on the forums about what to do. There are lots of questions from people who are having the same problem but never any answers. A total waste of time!

awesome game

the plot and the game were perfect.Make a third part

Disturbingly Curious

I couldn't think of a more intriguing storyline. I also adore the watercolor, such an interesting art style.

Great game.

I've just got one problem, really:
Items disappear after being used for the last *required* time.

This means that if I wanted to 'give the dog a bone', for example, but had already gotten the arrow, I could not--because since I got the arrow, I don't have the torch, and that means I can't get the bone.
Additionally, the game autosaves, which means it just saved a game in which I can't do what I had in mind. Incidentally, this caused me to panic after killing the 'beast' (I hadn't been killed by it yet) and hit the menu button to see if I could reset before the game saved. It didn't work, but it DID cost me the medal that I would've gotten for doing so.

Yea De-hamer

Im having that same problem, and not just with this game, with alot of the games i play
THIS IS A VERY GREAT GAME, and i have only just gotten past the Tree guy :3 stuck