Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

About the cake

After i fall down the tree gift you cake if i eat i Die if i refuse i Die too what to do?


If there was anyway I could rate this game any higher I would!

Very Good!

It was great but for the person below "The Dark W0lf" i made this mistake and i have no doubts you did the same but there are 4 roots 1 is hard to notice if thats not it then i dunno what to tell you, great game.

Great game! Tho...

There was a bug with the treasure chest and it wouldn't open which was a downer...

Very good Game !

There are some very difficult places where i do not know what to do.
When Hensel got the scissor then i do not know how to destroy with it
to get Gretel eyes back, because Hensel kill with it the fairy.