Reviews for "The Search for WondLa"

wow, ancient game of differences :O

I liked the art, and it kept me funny : D

Yes! I love these games!

You make beautiful work. I'm always ecstatic to see new submissions form you.

What I liked:
+ 2 As standard for you, the music in this game was excellent
+ 3 The art was richly detailed and pleasing to the eye.
+ 3 The story (which I've never been exposed to up till now) was deeply engaging, Now I need to go and find that children's book for myself and add it to my mini-library in my bedroom
+ 3 The differences were never too challenging and never too easy- you've reached and maintained a hold in the goldilocks zone (which is rare and difficult for most games).

What I thought needed improvement:
Nothing needed to be fixed

Final score: 11/10, (which basically means I plan on voting 5 again tomorrow)

My suggestions:
Have title cards or captions explaining the story as it progresses in between one scene and the next one.

Strikingly wonderful work as usual; Keep up the good work.

awesome :)

i loved the art in this game!
i really wanted to know what was actually the plot of the story!

something about this reminded me about the Hunger Games

Loved it!

Awesome music, intriguing story (as displayed by imagery), and visuals that make you wonder!

awesomw game.!

cool game...love the music..!!! great job.!^^