Reviews for "The Search for WondLa"

Almost Perfect

Which is saying a lot, actually. It's beautiful artwork, a fun and balanced game that prompts you to use your imagination as you search. Too many games are mindless now, but this one stimulates that long-forgotten creativity center in the brain that involves more than the application of a new idea or system and asks you to actually fill in a story for yourself. While some see this as minimalist, I personally regard this as a wonderful tool to both entertain and build the mind. It seems this was all intentional here, so I give it a 9.

As for the one point I didn't give, that's just a minor thing. The achievements I kept getting as I went and the 'GP' values meant almost nothing to me because I couldn't find where they were used or displayed. This could be my fault, but I looked over everything twice and still couldn't figure it out. My only recommendation is that this feature is brought to light a little better, made a bit more clear. Other than that, Kudos! I loved the music, performance and style of this game, and you have my respect.

awesome :)

i loved the art in this game!
i really wanted to know what was actually the plot of the story!

something about this reminded me about the Hunger Games

Yes! I love these games!

You make beautiful work. I'm always ecstatic to see new submissions form you.

What I liked:
+ 2 As standard for you, the music in this game was excellent
+ 3 The art was richly detailed and pleasing to the eye.
+ 3 The story (which I've never been exposed to up till now) was deeply engaging, Now I need to go and find that children's book for myself and add it to my mini-library in my bedroom
+ 3 The differences were never too challenging and never too easy- you've reached and maintained a hold in the goldilocks zone (which is rare and difficult for most games).

What I thought needed improvement:
Nothing needed to be fixed

Final score: 11/10, (which basically means I plan on voting 5 again tomorrow)

My suggestions:
Have title cards or captions explaining the story as it progresses in between one scene and the next one.

Strikingly wonderful work as usual; Keep up the good work.


A wonderful game with beautiful graphics

wow, ancient game of differences :O

I liked the art, and it kept me funny : D