Reviews for "Feed the King"


It's a great game with brilliant concept, easy to use and very entertaining.
Anyone who doesn't agree deserves to have the head shoved up their arse and then be horribly mutilated by a peadophile, a legless, homo peadophile.

looove it

ahhahaha this games hilarious!

awesome points for:
gamestyle (ie, points to achieve and obstacles)

good work man!

MMM cake

curses you make em crave tons of cake now XD but great game

Pretty addicting game you have here. When I get the time, I'll probably play this game for two hours straight, like, during the weekend. Thanks for making the game.


Probally one of the coolest games ever.
Simple gameplay, so anyone can pick it up, and awesome art for anyone to enjoy.

Thats a good game. As always nce and juicy.