Reviews for "Vlak RHG Demo"


Now, as far as the animation goes, it's fluid, on the most part. You have some really good movements in there and the people react accordingly. But I saw a few movements where they were awkward or didn't have enough anticipation, especially in the parts with the knife. It didn't seem like there was enough force behind it. Your particle effects can use a little work, too.

This is a personal taste thing, but I think that your sticks are pretty frickin' short. But that's just taste and I won't penalize you for that.

Now, you say this is an RHG demo, but what the hell is your guy's ability? You definitely don't make that clear in your animation, and for that, you're losing a point.

But as an animation it's not half bad.

woix responds:

you're right, i forgot to describe my rhg, now its in my comments :) thanks for the review ;)

Very Xiao Xiao ish

I have to say,this kind of animation has been done so many times before, it gets kind of old, but at the same time, if someone can manage to make it a good, fluid animation, it is still pretty exciting. I think you've managed to pull it off, and this is a series that I might want to watch. Your animations and drawings look really good. Make sure you make the next one extra violent!