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Reviews for "Metroid: Bioweapons"

For an Other M parody, Samus got off easy!

Nice to see someone tackle something OTHER than Samus' terrible characterization in that game for a change. Anyway, there's alot to like here. Good bioweapon ideas, nice play on the scientists' lack of reasoning (at least add some chainsaws to it!), good use of going overboard (You know what would make this coffee taste better? If MOTHER BRAIN made it!). The delivery and presentation could have used some work...those jokes could have been even funnier with better pacing. All things said, though, ti was a great flash. Good work.

thanks for the savings

well at least now i don't have to buy the game cause i know how i ends.


the end scene was the start to super metroid


"the bio weapon who serves coffee" xD
Great idea !
When I saw all the Other-M-Monsters, I started guessing with my friend what things has to combined to make each one ... so gorgous :p


that was awesome!