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Reviews for "Metroid: Bioweapons"

Pretty Funny

It brings up a good point, regarding the numskulls that keep making these monsters. However, it leaves one very much unanswered: Who is dumb enough to keep funding them? The humor is definitely well founded, but the animation is a little lacking. Otherwise, well done.

Although one thing does bug me...

I was never a big fan of yours but...

Was this supposed to be funny?

Horrible Ending

The ending would have been much better if it was not so cliche. Perhaps after Samus flew away, the main scientist asked what kind of monster to create to repair the damages or something.

A lot fuckin better than Other M

Actually British Samus isn't too shabby of an idea.

Wait then again now I keep thinking Krystal is Samus.


very funny

as usual evildoc you made a funny flash, but you need to proof read your subtitles before you submit your toon "PRIZE" not "price" also, the animation was a little choppy, and coulda been a little better, but this is newgrounds not a television show, I don't expect things to look pretty all the time, metroid other m would have been a good game if samus continued to have no personality, I kinda thought captain N the game master comic proved this already...... oh well, great flash man

EvilDoc responds:

Thanks for your comment, true we usually have issues with subtitles because none of us have english as a main language and subtitles are made at the end of the movie (so we are in a hurry and pay less attention) we'll try to improve that :)

We personnally think Other M was awesome and we have no problem with That Samus. Even the game's flaws are awesome (a new movie hehe), But again we are older and closer to older Metroids than the Prime series. Perhaps that game is more focused to female gamers as well. Those who complaint about Samus's personnality are mostly 15-19 years old males. It's kinda unfair to complaint about the existence of only one game with a feminine touch while there's about 600 games about Kratos destroying earth with his manliness to satisfy every male gamers for the next 25 years.