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Reviews for "Super Robot Fight !!"

that was cool man.

this was pretty cute.

nice lil flash, just wished your hands were on right.

aside from that I enjoyed it :3

MihaP responds:

thank you!!!!!

What robots

This was a fairly good cartoon. At first, I thought it might be something really cheesy as judging by how the loading screen looked pretty unprofessional. It did get better once you got into the actual cartoon and showed the good animation. The biggest downside was that there was really nothing original about this as it's been done so many times before. Still, this is not to say it is not fairly decent. The animation reminds me of ZekeySpaceyLizard, whom I keep thinking of ever since he left!

You could probably use some more action going on, because while the animation was good it could have used some more effects. It seems like it would have worked better with sound effects instead of straight music. The themes you touched on were pretty standard. Next time, you could probably add some more detail like maybe some people in the background. The coolest part was when the evil robot used his gun arms.

this should have a higher score and hit front page

cuz its good


this was awesome compared to other flashes. Best part is that its your first