Reviews for "One Ring - Spaghetti Western"

i signed up just to say you have a fantastic voice

scottstoked responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it :)

I read blademaster40k’s comment and thought, “Huh. Maybe that guy is just creepy.”
Then I actually heard your voice and thought, “Holy shit, are you for hire? I want you to read me bedtime stories every night until I die.”
Keep it up, it’s really impressive.

scottstoked responds:

Thanks a lot! I had fun doing a different take on it :)

This is awesome
Great voice, great delivery
The bird (crow?) in the background is a nice touch

scottstoked responds:

Thank you very much!


scottstoked responds:

Yep! Can't have a spaghetti western spoof without Ennio ;)

Whew, so glad to be here, so I'm able to experience it. Not a lot to give. Well, you know certaiinly what to do, how to do simply and then you did - and just did it overwheelming! :)